Accident Attorney Portland

The law firm from Law Offices of Jonathan M. Friedman are an accident law firm in Portland offers legal advice on obtaining compensation, representing people who, due to various actions or negligence of third parties, have suffered damage to health or otherwise experienced negative consequences of an accident. They are aware of the fact that a good lawyer should demonstrate empathy in such situations, while remaining a professional. They operate both in the field of claiming damages from traffic accidents – including cars, public transport or cycling. They have Portland accident attorneys.


The Portland solicitor and advocate will also assess whether the claim for damages has not expired before the case is taken and what the possible consequences for both parties will be – in the field of civil or criminal law. Their lawyer will also estimate the amount of redress possible for individual cases. Each case for compensation is very individual and we approach each of them differently, based on many years of experience. They are perfectly aware of how complicated and delicate subject can be compensation, which is why they put the best of their clients first. They thoroughly examine each case and keep our clients informed about its progress, as well as possible solutions.