Father’s Rights Attorney Seal Beach

If you are an unmarried father in Seal Beach, California you technically do not have any rights to your child until you have confirmed paternity. Even after paternity is confirmed you may still need legal assistance to take control of your full rights. Many fathers believe that the mother will get all legal rights to their child if they were to split up and don’t know that they can fight that. The Law Offices of Kyle R. Puro are a family law firm in Seal Beach who want to give father’s a voice, and allow them to comprehend their legal rights as a father. As a father who has been established as the biological father you have rights to visit your child. If you are the parent that makes the least amount of money but you also get to see the child more, you can even be eligible for child support as well. You may want to look into your rights before you surrender all of them over to the mother.


The family law firm in Seal Beach, The Law Offices of Kyle R. Puro is doing their best to educate fathers on what their rights as a parent are. You do have the right to seek out custody of your child, you do have the right to visit the child if you do not have the means to have the child with you most of the time, you have rights to their medical decisions, to what schools they go to, and what religious upbringings they have. A Seal Beach father’s rights attorney will guide you through your rights. A huge benefit of standing by your rights is it allows you more time with your child. The more time you spend with your child the better bond they will have with you and the healthier and happier they will become.