John D. Whittington- the go-to firm for brain injury claims

Do you live in Manassas or its surrounding areas and recently incurred brain injury owing in a hit-and-run situation or during a club fight? Reach out to John D. Whittington Law Firm. Their personal injury lawyers will ensure that you're accorded your rightful compensation. The firm is run by Mr. Whittington, a renown Virginia civil litigation expert that's also a member of the William County Bar Association.


Brain injuries are ridiculously expensive and it should not be the victim's burden to clear the large medical bills. Thousands of Americans suffer from traumatic brain injury, which is more often than not, as a result of another person's negligence/ wrongdoing. Brain injury may be caused by:1) Automobile accidents- one of the leading causes of severe brain injury.

2) Falls- occurring in places with slippery floors and staircases.

3) Violence- head gunshots and fist-fights/ physical assaults can cause irreversible brain injury and concussions.

4) Sport accidents.


John D. Whittington Law Firm is a personal injruy law firm in Manassas, and are here to help you in your time of need.