Motorcycle accident

Motorcyclists are a separate species. Their independence and love for the open road, as well as a strong, free and independent soul, give them joy and provide them with the wind blowing in their faces. Riding a motorcycle gives you the opportunity to be in close contact with the world when the landscape moves past. The downside is that the motorcyclist in the accident will be much heavier and life-changing injuries than is the case in other road accidents.

Motorcyclists in the accident require and deserve the most experienced and qualified legal representatives and medical caregivers. Law Offices of Weber & Weber lawyers and employees have gained extensive experience in understanding and representing cyclists who have suffered severe bodily injuries, including fractures, disabilities, neurological injuries, skull injuries, skeletal injuries, wounds, abrasions, muscle injuries and more. They also have the opportunity to consult experts * if this helps your case. This is a service that not every office can provide. The law requires drivers to share the road with other road users, including motorcyclists. If a motorcycle accident occurs due to lack of care, recklessness or negligence, in the light of the law you can claim compensation for

  • medical care expenses / hospital
  • physiotherapy
  • rehabilitation services
  • lost remuneration
  • loss of professional suitability in the future
  • disability
  • long-term care
  • psychological and psychiatric advice
  • services of social services
  • motorcycle repair and replacement

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