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If the flat is a rented flat, the court may determine that the tenancy continues with the one remaining in the flat alone or, if he was not yet a tenant, a tenancy for him alone. The consent of the Chicago landlord is not required for this purpose, an exception is only valid if it concerns a factory flat and the one remaining in the flat is not employee of the lessor. Katz & Stefani, LLC Chicago family law firm.

If the condominium is co-owned by both spouses (house or condominium), the one remaining in the dwelling must pay an appropriate compensation to the other, usually amounting to half of the local rent. You need a Chicago spousal support attorney. If the matrimonial home is the sole property of one of the spouses, an assignment after the divorce to the other is again only to avoid an “unreasonable hardship” into consideration. In these cases, a user compensation is payable. If one of the spouses leaves the marriage dwelling and does not make his / her serious return intentions clear within six months, then it can be assumed that he has left the sole use of the dorm to the other.

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