Uninsured Auto Accident Attorney

Every damage deserves just compensation. Whether it is the fracture of a limb or psychological distress, a dented bumper or a company that has arrested its production, the fact remains that there has been financially assessable damage.


: – compensation for damage from traffic accidents; – compensation for damage caused by a defective product; – compensation for damage due to faults and defects in an asset, or a series of goods, built or produced (eg tenders); – compensation for damage due to faults and defects in purchased products (eg sales); – compensation for damage due to Boise professional defaults (eg contracts for planning, works management, etc.); – compensation for damage following criminal conduct. Get a Boise Auto accident lawyer for your case with someone who was uninsured.


Hepworth Holzer, LLP are a personal injury law firm located in Boise, offers its clients continuous advice at every stage of the proceedings, from the out-of-court phase (before starting a lawsuit) to the trial phase (only possible, if you have not been able to obtain the satisfaction of your reasons). From the study of the causes to the liquidation of the damage, the customer is always assisted through constant legal support.