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According to Law Offices of Kenneth G. Egan a Las Cruces personal injury law firm, it is with the accidents that serious problems arose. The fact is that a traffic accident certificate went out of this regulation. And this is, among other things, the main document according to the rules of insurance for CTP in order to receive payment. That is, today the traffic police will no longer issue such certificates. Predicting what will come on the market is not so difficult. Insurers will begin to refuse to accept documents for payment only on the grounds that there is no accident report among the papers.

Drivers in droves will run to the courts. And the courts will make decisions in their favor because the law on Motorcycle accident refers to the documents drawn up by the traffic police. About help there is no question. For insurance and voluntary liability insurance, the same unpleasant situation will arise. Indeed, in the rules of voluntary insurance as an obligatory document spelled a certificate of an accident. But the insurance company itself can solve this problem by changing these rules in agreement with those who entered into an agreement with it. And only the Central Bank can make changes to the rules of insurance by the insurance company. Make sure to hire a Las Cruces Auto accident attorney.

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